Empyrion: Galactic Survival

  1. No Griefing, trolling, exploiting, hacking, or anything of the sort.
    • Examples:
    • Building bases far into the depths of space off map to hide. Keep it within 10,000m of the planet
    • Building turrets clipped in the terrain, or under the water/lava surface
    • Draining turret ammo on another’s base/cv intentionally. (usually through repeated deaths or via drone) – take note of new OP mechanics
    • Floating turrets (not connected to the base or ship)
    • Hidden cores burried far beneath the surface (undug, and 10-50+ blocks deep)Punishment – temporary or even Instant permanent ban
      • What is Griefing? Examples below
      • Killing a player repeatedly for the fun of it even though he has no more resources/tools/etc.
      • Locking players in your base on PvE, or Burying them below the surface.
      • Stealing from a faction or player that you have joined or partnered with to gain a personal advantage.
      • Large ships with Lots of lights / devices that will cause lag for or fps drops for others with lower end specs.
      • Camping warp in points
      • Simply put. If its not meant to be done or think you shouldn’t be doing it, DON’T DO IT!!!… Keep it fair and fun for everyone!!!!
  2. No swearing, flaming, racism, sexism or generally any bad behavior will be tolerated. Failure to do so, will result in a warning, followed by a 24 hr ban.
  3. No Bases are allowed to be build next to resources on PvE planets – this allow starter players to get resources as well. Admins will monitor and BA will get deleted.
  4. Starter planets – you have 7 days from your start date to vacate the system. Neighboring systems are within warp reach for SV’s and thus you don’t need a CV(edited)
  5. Do not spam on the global or faction chats. Keep the bad language to a minimum. Severe profanity and spam will result in a warning, and ban as per server rules.. Children do play / watch this game. We understand foul language can slip out during heated battles but try to keep it to a minimum!
  6. Report (on the Empyrion_ZA (ZA must be in caps) group, any unfair gameplay you witness, exploited bases/ships and the locations/player names etc. The sooner you report this and it is resolved, the better it is for everyone on the server. Usually a screenshot or video is required as proof of this happening. As some players will simply call someone a hacker/cheater just to get someone banned or it could be mistaken for lag or a well built ship etc. The more details and proof you have, the easier it is to deal with for us!
  7. Gameplay and alpha- You may lose stuff due to bugs, its happened to all of us. We will attempt to recover your lost vessel and assist you if possible, but we will not simply give you a bunch of resources because you claim you lost it. Usually some sort of proof is required as well.
  8. This is not a charity, and we don’t do freebies and handouts here! Do your best to keep track of your ID’s on ships (this can be found in the stats menu under ID#) Write it down if you must!!, it makes it much easier to locate a lost vessel for us.
  9. Blueprints and designs- Do not spawn or build gigantic vessels / bases that will cause the server to lag! We all want to play the game smoothly and keep the stress down on the server. Try to build stuff that is reasonable within the current game limits! I know we all would love to have a death star! but the game just cant handle it at this time!
  10. Player and Construct names- Name your Vessels and Bases, but name them accordingly!! Do not use profanity or blank names… Use your imagination and fit it into a role play environment, it also helps us locate it if there is a problem!.
  11. The Trading system is meant for Trading. Any vessels parked there, or bases built, Will be removed, no questions asked.

To get the below list in game type cb:?

  • MODS: Lists all installed Mods
  • CB:Info –> Information about the Player: Startdate, Playtime, Last Reset, ….)
  • CB:TIME –> Shows Server Day and Time
  • CB:RESET –> Resets the player automatically. Player has 3 free resets the first 10 hours after reset. After that he can only use it every 6 hours.
  • CB:HEAL –> In case the player suffers from the perma-death bug, this might heal him. Only once per day and only for real dead once
  • CB:Survival (Full) –> Gives the player a survival kit, once every full-wipe (fresh start in config). You can set in the config how much credits he should get. If you want to give him items instead/additionaly just create a Survival.xml in the template folder and put all the items in there.
  • CB:GetShipDown:ID (Full) –> Allows a player to get down his ship, that is flying directly above him. He has to be directly under the ship on a max 30 meter EW/NS distance. Height does not matter.
  • CB:Shutdown –> Shut down Game from ingame (Only possible for Admins)
  • CB:Wipe–> Shows all wipes from timetable with Server-Date and Time. Also shows all individual Structure wipe times if activated.
  • CB:NextWipe –> Shows all upcoming wipes from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left
  • CB:NextRestart –> Shows all upcoming wipes/restarts/backups from timetable ordered by time. Shows how many hours left
  • CB:Destroy:Id –> Allows a Faction Admin or the Owner of a structure to delete it. He has to stand next to it to work.
  • CB:W:Playername/PlayerID MESSAGE” allows a player to directly chat to another player
  • CB:GetShipHere:ID –> Allows a player to move his ship a few meters in case its stuck or in green wall. Only works on same playfield and when ~ 200 meters around the ship
  • CB:GoToShip:ID –> Allows a player to warp to his ship. This is always activated in CSW Orbit. Otherwise it would need to be activated in the config. Works only on the same playfield
  • CB:discord –> SADED discord Link
  • CB:Mods –> Moderators for the server
  • CB:Rules –> Server Rules

Autominers are orbital miners that will mine for you on your behalf and even when you offline. These need no placing or finding of resources. They are thus easily accessible BUT they do come at a cost. You need to fuel them to enable mining and for delivery of the ore to your door step you need to pay credits to get them.

Below are a list of commands

  • am:? -> Provides you with useful information regarding the Auto Miner.
  • am:info -> Displays your current fuel level and shows how to view your current miner levels and resources on HWS Connect.
  • am:buy:IR -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Iron Ore
  • am:buy:COP -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Copper Ore
  • am:buy:COB -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Cobalt Ore
  • am:buy:MA -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Magnesium Ore
  • am:buy:PR -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Promethium Ore
  • am:buy:NEO -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Neodymium Ore
  • am:buy:SI -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Silicion Ore
  • am:buy:SA -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Sathium Ore
  • am:buy:ERE -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Erestrum Ore
  • am:buy:ZAS -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Zascosium Ore
  • am:buy:BC -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Blue Crystal
  • am:buy:GO -> Buy or Upgrade an Auto Miner Gold Ore
  • am:sell:ORE -> Allows you to sell or downgrade a specific Auto Miner where ORE stands for the one you have.
  • am:get:ORE*AMOUNT or am:get:ORE*Amount#ORE*Amount#… -> Allows you to get a specific amount of one of your mined resources or even more individually.
  • am:get:all -> Allows you to recover all mined resources at once. (Make sure you have inventory space).
  • am:fuel:Resource/All:Amount/All -> Allows you to fuel all mined resources at once or fuels up your Auto Miner with an amount of fuel from your inventory for specific resources if you want.
Example 1

am:fuel:iron:all -> fuels up only your iron auto miner with all Drill charges your have in your inventory

Example 2

am:fuel:iron:7 -> fuel up only your iron auto miner with 7 Drill charges from your inventory (if you have them)

Example 3

am:fuel:all:7 -> fuels up all of your resources in your auto miner with 7 Drill charges from your inventory (if you have them)

Example 4

am:fuel:all:all -> fuels up all of your resources in your auto miner with all Drill charges from your inventory (if you have them). It will split equally along all of your resources. So if you have 10 resource auto miners and 20 Drill charges in your inventory each resource would get 2 Drill charges.

Attention: if you have 10 resource auto miners and 21 Drill charges then 2 would go in each resource type but the last Drill charge would go to the resource type you bought first.